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Last week I got recommended  “Plague Inc” (from Ndemic Creations) as  a good example of a misanthropist game — because you’re supposed to wipe out humanity.

To my surprise, two days later it was on sale on Steam: too much temptation to pass! So we got the game. And played it. And oh boy are we hooked.

The premise is really simple: you’re a parasite – virus – prion – etc – trying to infect every single human in the planet, and kill them. Transmission form, Abilities and Symptoms are fully customizable.

This means that you can be a bad, bad disease, silently infecting all human population by means of air and birds, with a very high drug resistance and the ability to kill people via total organ failure. We strongly advise against playing this game on airports.

“Total Organ Failure I said!” – Photo: Ndemic Creations

Unlike some other strategy games, the difficulty options are quite accurate and human stupidity levels do relate to the settings, with “normal” being the minimum requirement to unlock all different pathogens. People will wash their hands, see a doctor and try to cure you.

Once you develop a couple of basic strategies, Plague Inc turns out to be a fun, casual game that is very good to play to completely disconnect from the outer world for a little while.

However… things can get a bit tricky at some levels (cough, cough, “Fungal Infection”) forcing you to grind a little bit  to get the special genes that will make your life easier.

You can also play as a zombie plague, a vampire plague and the simian flu from “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” for a change of pace, if you prefer a more involved session.

“But there can be no zombies if they’re all DEAD!” – Photo: Ndemic Creations.

Other “Scenarios” such as the Black Plague are also available… but I still have to try them out properly as I was too unexperienced when I first did and ended up failing. Badly.

What about you, have you played plague Inc? What about other games by Ndemic? Let us know in the comments and help us grow our community of HUMANS!

Note: I believe there is a free version for mobile as well, but I would definitely recommend buying the game, as I believe there are core game mechanics that are not available in the free version (you can’t add game changing modifiers to your pathogens).

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