Meet Our Team!

While the world’s gaze is away tweeting about someone else, we’d like to introduce ourselves: independent video game creators from Tenerife (Spain), we’re a very small team committed to making the best games we can make.

Otis Miller: Programmer / Director

Otis writes, designs, programs and directs the games. With a background in video editing, directing and animation, but mostly playing tons of games, the transition to becoming a game developer was very natural. Games has always been his secret passion, only now it is his full time job.

He’s now playing: Lisa by Dingaling.

Maly LaMala : Founder / Marketing

Originally an Art Historian, Maly was the artist behind “Blacksmith”, and is now taking over the marketing role to make sure the word gets out to as many humans as possible. She’s a nerd and she loves coffee and cats.

She’s now playing: Plague Inc by Ndemic Creations and The Sims 4. (Free on Oracle until 05/28th.)

Daniel Sambrano: Artist

Our most recent incorporation, Daniel is a crazy-hard working guy who’s head is set on building amazing little worlds where our stories can develop and thrive. He’s in charge for the art for our coming title, an accomplished content creator and also an engineer.

He’s now playing: Rime by Tequila Works and Oxygen Not Included by Klei.

We also have pets, but we were worried that adding their unproductive asses to the list would not look professional. So: no cat pictures on this blog!

That being said: what else would you like to read here? Do you have any suggestions, questions, opinions? Would YOU like to see pictures of our cats and ferret? Help us grow our community of HUMANS on the comment section below!

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