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Fire Cycle Games is a small, independent video games studio born in Tenerife, Spain, after its founders Otis Miller and Maly LaMala spent two years developing and launching their first title: “Blacksmith“.

The experience of making “Blacksmith” was so positive that we decided to set up our own company and bring in an artist, Daniel Sambrano, to develop our second title… the details of which will soon be revealed!

Our team of three has many independent collaborators, and we’re committed to giving our players rich, original experiences. This blog is one of them.

In here you will find updates about development, unique content, game recommendations… and everything we can think of to make your day better!

Your comments, recommendations and messages keep us alive and are more than welcome, so stay tuned and help us grow our community of HUMANS. Mmm. Huuuumans.

Help us grow our community of Humans:

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